Highest on the Mountain

by William Walther

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Date Published:November 2013
Page Size:5.5" x 8.5" (Digest)
Number of Pages:212

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Follow the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of the inhabitants of a small south sea island. After pirates invade their homeland, they are forced to take to the high seas in a desperate attempt at survival.

When all hope seems lost, they shipwreck upon a strange new land. Here, they encounter new friends and companions. Peace does not last forever, but this time they are prepared.

Join these bold survivors as they travel inland to establish a new kingdom at the base of the great white mountains.

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Book Design & Typographic Features

Linen Vail Books carefully crafts each volume it produces with the greatest attention to detail. Here are some of the features that set this book apart from typical self-published works and gives it an authentic classic typographic style:

  • One sheet of faux “flyleaf end-paper” at each end of the book.

  • Front Matter:

    1. Bastard title (recto) - Title alone in uppercase letters.

    2. Illustrated maps.

    3. Title Page (recto) - Full title, authorship, and printing information.

    4. Colophon (verso) - The “copyright page.” See Interpreting Our Colophon.

    5. Table of Contents - with leaders.

    6. While this book does not include them, the Foreward, Preface, Acknowledgement, and Introduction, if present, would go here.

    7. Half Title (recto) - Also including the first chapter heading and the beginning of the text (recto verso.)

  • Body Content:

    • Each chapter begins on a recto page with an ornamental drop-cap and the opening word or word(s) of the first line set in all-caps.

    • Intra-chapter pages have the book title on the verso page heading, and the chapter name on the recto page heading. Page numbers are centered in the footer of all non-blank body pages.

    • We are able to set a quotation mark outside of the drop-cap if the first sentence of a chapter is a quotation. (See Chapter 4, for example.)

    • Body text uses standard ligatures where appropriate for fi, fl, ff, ffi, and ffl.

    • Proper use of “quotation marks” and various types of dashes.

    • Our body text has been painstakingly manually adjusted to reduce instances of rivers, beginning or end-of-line repetition, to remove any awkward hyphenation points, eliminate end-of-chapter widows, and try to maintain a good balance of white-space to text by adjusting word spacing and letter spacing where necessary.

  • Back Matter:

    1. While this book does not include them, the Epilogue, Afterword, and Conclusion, if present, would follow the body of the work.

    2. Appendix

    3. Related Works

  • Professional High-Quality Cover Design - No matter what they say, people do judge books by their covers. We are always attentive to the quality of cover art and design being paired with our interior work.

For more information about Book Design, see Wikipedia - Book Design.


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